ICP Keynote - Marc Prensky

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Marc Prensky spoke at the ICP conference yesterday. His message was 'get the students involved in EVERYTHING you do'.
He spoke about getting a balance in our schools - not top down, or bottom up,- but a true balance where the students are involved at all levels including working with BOT, Principal, Teachers and Parents.
He gave some great ideas for using internet and technology tools in the classroom, and how to embrace technology like mobile phones instead of banning them.
He also talked about using gaming rules for engaging students. These included the rules of goals, decisions, connectivity, co-operation and competition. In February I attended a workshop with David Warlick where he also spoke about the engagement of gaming and how to use these rules and concepts in the classroom.
Very interesting stuff.

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Comment by David on April 4, 2007 at 6:00 AM


It has been a long time since I've seen Marc Prensky speak. It sounds like he has expanded his message. I frequently talk about several elements of the gaming experience that make it so compelling to our students, but I recently read a book by David Williamson Shaffer about video games and learning, and he says that at the core of the experience is roles and rules.

Frequently, I show my audience a picture of a classroom and ask them to identify the roles and rules of that picture. In a very real way, our classrooms are games. If we can think about them that way, and then shift the roles and the rules in some new and interesting ways, perhaps our classrooms can become more interesting to our students.

Thanks for sharing with the edublogosphere.

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