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I have been investigating the learning behind the blogging experience, and using blogging to support learning. In the course of this study, I have been trying to find excellent examples of student blogs, especially with younger students. Many examples I found were really chat sessions and often not containing very good examples of excellence in English.
We decided to try our hand at creating our own, and came up with the idea of blogs to support our reading programme.
The students are working in Literature Circles and these are published to a blog for a real worldwide audience. Much excitement buzzes around the classroom whenever anyone receives a comment and the clustr map is eagerly checked every morning.
The children do publish all the blogs to a secure site first, and then the teacher loads them onto a blogspot site. (We are still a little nervous about privacy and net safety).
If you are interested take a look at our current blog listed below - and many more to come soon.
I would love your feedback, and thanks to all those who have given feedback - you have really made a child's day!!!

The Diary Of Anne Frank

After this positive experience with this group of students, I was thrilled to discover that some had taken on blogging into other realms of their learning.
Just take a look at Cheyenne's Science Fair blog. Here is a young lady of 11 years old who is recording her progress and process of her science fair investigation in a blog. She has done this completely on her own, at home, without the assistance of (but of course with great encouragement from) her teacher.
Please take the time to leave her some feedback.

Now the challenge is to find blogging ways to support learning in other areas.
I would love to hear your ideas.

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Comment by Rachel Boyd on July 24, 2007 at 5:04 AM

Hi Lenva,

Haven't read a post from you in a while! Hope you had a great holiday and are back into it all with Term 3.

How's the blogging going since you last wrote?

Cheers, Rachel, Nelson

Comment by Lenva Shearing on July 27, 2007 at 11:53 PM

Hi Rachel,
Yes I have been away for a short break, but back into it now.
We have some exciting things in the pipeline and I will share them as they develop.
If you want to email me at
we can discuss recent develops and where we would like to go to next.

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