Aaaah, holidays

3:44 PM / Posted by Lenva /

Aaaah, holidays! Well it should be anyway. Time to relax and forget about school for a while?
No chance! I am off to Navcon2k7 conference in Gosford, Sydney, next week and I am still tutuing around with our (Gail and me) presentation. Trying to get last minute things done and worried about the time it's going to take. Also our presentation slot is the morning after the night before (conference dinner night) - oh dear.
Still, I'm really looking forward to the conference. I find them so inspirational and I always come home full of ideas and enthusiasm.

As I have been looking for a resource on the web, I have been back to this Google Educators site. There are some great ideas there.

Also I noticed that is looking at opening up to New Zealand schools. I hope this happens soon, and why hasn't it happened before. Surely in a connected world we should not still be handicapped by location.



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