Yoram Harpaz at Navcon2k7

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I am sitting in the keynote presentation by Yoram Harpaz at Navon2k7 in Sydney. He has started out with the big question - What is the aim of educaton of the generation.com?
He is saying that education is the only field in which the means or journey has a connection to the end.
He is saying that educational theories are ideologies and that every ideology has a utopia, a diagnosis, a strategy and a collective. The utopia is the perfect world, the diagnosis is the world as it is, the strategy is how we are going to get to our perfect world, and the collective is who is going to do it.
A good thinking process to apply to our school vision.
He talks about the 3 meta-idelogoies of education - socialization (career and skill based), acculturatisation (values and citizenship) and individuation (self fulfillment). He said we practice socialization, we talk acculturisation and we think individuation.

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