Coming to terms with 2008

4:28 PM / Posted by Lenva /

At last - finally found some time to update this blog. After 6 weeks overseas on holiday, then preparing two presentations for the Learning At School Conference in Rotorua, attending to my other duties in my school, reconfirming the direction for the ICTPD cluster, and now attending the conference, I really have let things slip in the blogging department.

Learning At School Conference - another fantastic conference and another success story. The keynotes, as usual, have been fantastic - Jeremy Kedian talked about, and Julia Atkin's was a little controversial, thus I really enjoyed it. She talked about a 7,000 year old error in the way schooling has developed. I love a challenge and she threw plenty of them at us, including to see with fresh eyes, to acknowledge mistakes, and to escape mental ruts.

One workshop I attended was run by a really passionate teacher, Barry Musson. I would love to be a kid in his class. The session was on thinking - Habits of Mind and thinking maps. He obviously loved his job and loved learning. There was very little in the way of technology, but if all teachers had a small portion of his passion and enthusiasm, we would be in a very good place. I would imagine he would be one of those teacher that you never forget.


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