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For some time now I have been looking at how blogging can support and enhance learning.

I have started a blog for a group of Y7 (10 year olds) who are studying The Diary of Anne Frank in their class.
They are using literature circles to read The Diary of Anne Frank.
During the course of this literature circle, students will take on the roles of:

Discussion Director
Character Mapper
Creative Connector
Word Wizard
Travel Tracer

They meet regularly to discuss and debate issues and understandings from their set reading. They will take a different role after each literature circle meeting.

This is very new to them and they need a lot of support and scaffolding, but hopefully by the middle of the year they will be able to produce their own blogs in an authentic classroom context.

You can find their work on

They would love to get your feedback.

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Comment by keridi on July 11, 2008 at 2:56 AM

Hi Lenva
I enjoy reading your blog you have a wealth of knowledge to share, thank you. I am interested in the Literature Circle format that you use and wonder if there is a resource you can refer me to that defines the roles the students take on and how these work. I would love to try something similar.

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